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Don’t wait to consider joining the Wake Robin community. As one resident said, “Every day you’re not here, you’re missing a day of fun.”

There are many styles of apartments and cottages to choose from, and we currently have some openings. This section tells you how to find out more—and how to move toward a future at Wake Robin. 

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"I think what’s unique about Wake Robin is that you eat dinner when you want, you sit with whoever you want, you do the activities you want to do — and if you don’t find the activity you want here, you can start it!"

Mary Ann, Retired teacher and author


team.jpgA Place To Be Yourself Who we are now 

Today 330 people, ranging in age from 65 to 105, call Wake Robin home. About 265 residents live independently in cottages and apartments, with 65 in the Linden Health Center. Among all residents, about a third are couples, and half have moved here from homes in Vermont. Those who come from outside the state often choose Wake Robin to be near family — or because they attended college or vacationed in Vermont, and came to love it here.