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What is Life Care

Life Care is a practical way of delivering long-term care insurance. As a Wake Robin resident, you pay a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee. (See FAQ for details) In exchange, Wake Robin promises to provide a home, care and community for the rest of your life. You will receive occupancy of an apartment or cottage, and nursing care when you need it at Wake Robin's on-campus Linden Health Center. And, you'll avoid costly per diem charges; as a Wake Robin resident you'll pay the same monthly fee whether you are living independently or receiving nursing care in Linden.

Why do people choose the Life Care model? 

Since the Linden Health Center is right in the community, residents have the luxury of remaining "at home" if nursing support is needed. Their spouses, partners, relatives and friends in the Wake Robin community are only a few steps away.

A move to Wake Robin means that you choose your own future and are actively involved in decisions that affect your life — especially those that involve health care.

Your family has the peace of mind that comes from knowing your health-care needs are planned for and covered. As residents often say, the choice to move to Wake Robin may be the best gift you can give your children.

Life Care at Wake Robin has significant tax advantages. More than a third of your entrance and monthly fees may be deducted as medical expenses from your federal income taxes, depending on your circumstances.

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