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Being Green 

At Wake Robin, being green is more than just a catchy phrase, it is a way of life for staff, residents and the Board of Directors. Wake Robin, a locally-based non-profit, is committed to responsible stewardship of resources, to the beauty and accessibility of our facilities and surroundings, and to nurturing the environment for a sustainable future. To that end, we have initated a wide array of energy saving measures, environmentally friendly policies, and recycling initiatives.

As a result of the hard work staff and residents have completed under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Wake Robin is proud to announce that we are a recipient of the 2012 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence.

dotted line"Caring for the planet is a core value for me - and other residents, too. Without residents, Board and Staff all thinking creatively about this issue, we could not have won this award."

David, Professor Emeritus of History and Philosophy of Education, University of Vermont

  In the News...

Nationally Recognized
Recently, Wake Robin was recognized in the New York Times for being a leader in eco-concious retirement communities.
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