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Located in one of America’s most scenic areas, Wake Robin is in Shelburne, Vermont, near the shores of Lake Champlain and just 20 minutes south of Burlington, a culturally vibrant lakeside city.

Our region is home to the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, Champlain College, and a number of other colleges. Burlington’s landmark Flynn Theatre, with almost-daily live performances, the world-renowned Discover Jazz Fest and the Vermont Mozart Festival are part of a lively arts and music scene. Countless non-profit, arts, and cultural organizations and year-round outdoor sports and recreational opportunities also make this area vibrant. Vermont’s tradition of civic involvement and small-town democracy are values that are also alive and well within the Wake Robin community.

Wake Robin is less than half an hour from the Burlington International Airport, about two hours from the international city of Montreal, Canada, and 200 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. For a map and directions, click here.

dotted line "What I was looking for was a philosophy of doing with, rather than doing for. To me. there’s a world of difference. If you’re doing for, you’re seeing people as helpless. If you’re doing with, you’re seeing people as having rich backgrounds, skill sets, and approaches to life. For me, that’s what Wake Robin offers."

Sally, Painter and Former Vt. State Senator and Chair,
Senate Health & Welfare Committee

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A Place to Be Yourself A bond with nature


The first residents moved into this 137-acre community in 1993. They loved and valued the natural world, and chose the name Wake Robin, an early-spring trillium, to symbolize the vitality and renewal they planned for the Community. In keeping with this tradition, Wake Robin residents created --and still maintain-- 3.5 miles of walking trails. They boil sap and make maple syrup in the on-site sugarhouse, from trees they tap every spring.