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Every member of Wake Robin's 180-plus staff is a valued person in the community. Staff are committed to the dignity and well-being of each resident. Residents and staff interact comfortably together, with staff members taking a personal, respectful interest in residents, and vice versa. The relationships that develop, while never intrusive, are a treasured aspect of life at Wake Robin.

Wake Robin's CEO and Senior Managers work with their teams to identify, anticipate, and address resident needs, maintain affordability and quality, and help assure a healthy future for the community.

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Patrick McKee,
President & CEO

Nancy Chiquoine, Director
Marketing & Resident Services

Fred Erdman, CFO
Director of Financial Services

Kathleen King, Director
Dining Services

Anne Levesque, Director
Human Resources

Linda Phypers, RN,LNHA Director
Health Services

Leslie Parker, Director

Director of Environmental Services


Board of Directors

The Wake Robin Board of Directors is a group of local volunteers. Board members bring a range of backgrounds, skills and experience to assuring competent, caring governance for the community. They provide sound strategic planning for the future, while maintaining the spirit of Wake Robin’s founding and mission.

Cathy Frank, Chair
Sally Conrad

Christine Dunbar                       
Robert Duncan
Janice Gallant, MD
Rosalyn Graham

David Hallam

Eric Hanson

Allyson Laackman

Kate Lampton

Marc Tischler

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Debby Bergh
Thomas C. Campbell
Michael G. Furlong, Esq.
Mary Jane Winde Gentry
Gretchen B. Morse
Patty Motch

David Provost 


Patrick McKee

President & CEO